About Jesse

​​​​​​​Growing up with an old IBM computer in my home sparked my curiosity and love for technology. That humble machine opened up a world of possibilities, and I spent my free time teaching myself to code with books from the local library. The arrival of the internet in my household only fueled my passion further.

Though I've always been a creative soul, it wasn't until college that I discovered my true calling. Majoring in commercial photography led me to take graphic design courses, and I was instantly captivated. I began devoting my time to digital and interactive design.

Starting as an interactive designer at an agency, I crafted Flash ads for clients – yes, those pesky ads that followed you around the web. My career progressed to lead design roles and eventually art director positions. Over the years, I've launched numerous companies, some failed, some sold, and one that's still thriving.

In 2010, I founded Glean, a technology agency dedicated to creating technology for public good and social impact. Today, Glean is a flourishing consultancy with offices in the United States and Southeast Asia. I'm grateful to collaborate with incredible organizations like the World Bank, DAI, Oxfam, Splash, FHI360, and Hagar International.

The intersection of technology, culture, and innovation is what truly excites me. Currently, I focus on technology research and design for organizations in Southeast Asia through my Director role at Glean Asia. I also serve as the Innovation and Technology Advisor for Alongsiders International helping design technology for over 23 different country contexts. I'm enthusiastic about the future of technology in developing countries and its potential to enhance lives.

Family is my greatest treasure. My wife Breanne and I, along with our three children, Eden, Rhys, and Coen, share a passion for helping, serving, and loving people. I also speak at various events throughout the year. If you'd like me to speak at your event, feel free to email me. While I'm not available for development work, Glean is here to assist you.

Are you passionate about technology for good? Let's connect and explore the potential of technology to create positive change together. Don't hesitate to send me an email to start a conversation. I'm excited to hear from you!