As a new father I have a new found appreciation for what mother's do for their children. This is the first Mother's Day for my wife and over the last three weeks I have learned so much more about my wife of eight years.


As a first time dad, I have been filled with a lot of emotions over the last nine months. Fear, joy, stress, love, and hope just to name a few. But as we approach the final days, I can't stop thinking about hope. I look back at my family and think about the hope my parents had for me when I was born. I listen to the news of terrorist attacks, the US presidential election, and climate change and start to wonder about the world my daughter will grow up in.  

Project design is a process that takes years of work to master. From project scoping, planning, design, and implementation there are a lot of areas to master. If you’re interested in creating better projects, that engage more people, increase impact, and are more fundable check out these tips on how to optimize your project.

Today at Development Innovations we announced the closure of our public co-working space. As we work to refine the Development Innovations' project, a public co-working space no longer fits our aims. We will continue to focus our efforts on building an innovation lab and providing advisory services to civil society organizations.