Human-centered designer & technology consultant for social good.

Technologist for Social Good


I’m the founder of Glean, a creative agency for nonprofits. I’m also the Innovation Program Manager for DAI in Cambodia. As a technology consultant I focus my efforts on helping nonprofits and NGOs use technology for social good and change. I believe that growing capacity through innovative technology in developing countries is key to long-term sustainability. On my site I write about strategy, design, development, and social change.


Articles & Notes

I am on a mission to be a better writer. So I am trying to write everyday. The good, the bad, and the ugly, it all gets posted here, no matter what. Subject matter varies greatly, but mostly design, leadership, management, and startups.  

I've been a trusted advisor to many organizations:

We’re continually impressed by Jesse’s ability to handle any task, no matter how complex.
— Eric Stowe - Founder -