Hello, I'm Jesse, a designer and front-end developer from Seattle, WA. I write, speak, and teach about crafting beautiful user experiences.

9 Things I’ve Learned Freelancing

I’ve been freelancing in some form or another for close to 10 years. Over that time, I’ve grown as a professional designer and a business person. I look back to when I started and I can’t believe how bad I was at my job. But, I had amazing clients, and I kept grinding and learning. I’ve recently stopped freelancing to focus on my design agency for non-profits, Glean. But I wanted to share a few of the things I’ve learned over the years as a freelancer.

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Loss, Grief, and Reflection

Loss, Grief, and Reflection Last week my Grandmother passed away. She was 91 years old, lived a full life, enjoyed a lot of it, and in the end was just as suborn as I remember her growing up. I was always close to Grandma, most of my cousins were grown by the time I came […]

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New Post on Medium: My Year Without Facebook

I have recently started trying out the writing platform Medium. You should start following me for my latest posts.

Just over a year ago, I deleted my Facebook account. In this Medium article I share my thoughts, and the impact it has had on my life.

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7 Tips for Breaking Into The Design Industry

This weekend my wife and I took a trip out of town with some friends to their family’s farm. The road trip took a couple of hours and on the way out of town one of our friends wanted to ask me some business questions. He was young, just getting started in business and trying to thing of a way to break into a certain industry. While I rattled off some thoughts on business and customers I remembered back to some of the best advice I ever received about breaking into an industry. So this week I want to share with you seven tips for breaking into the design industry. If you’re a student or recent graduate, these tips are for you.

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Jesse Orndorff is a designer and developer from Seattle, WA. I've built a few products, I've designed for some the largest brands in the world, and I love partnering with my clients to build a better web. Let's work together.